Showcase the skills you’ve earned in your first semester in the MCIT program at Penn

What is this?

The CIT59X Hackathon is the inaugural event hosted by the CIT59X student group. Intended for first year MCIT students, this event invites students to work together (or alone) to create a project from scratch in less than 48 hours.

When is this?

The hackathon commences on Friday evening, 1/17 with an Introduction to Github Workshop (6:00PM in Towne 217) followed by networking and socializing at City Tap House. Following Friday night’s (optional but encouraged) workshop and social event, the hacking will commence at 8AM on Saturday 1/18 in Towne 217 and continue until the evening of Sunday 1/19. Breakfast and hacking will start at 8AM on both days. Participants will be provided with breakfast, lunch, and snacks. We encourage students to wrap up Saturday evening at a reasonable time to eat, relax, and get some sleep.

Why is this happening?

The CIT59X student group hopes that other first year MCIT students will see this as an opportunity to leverage your first semester of knowledge to build a portfolio project, level up Git skills, get to know your fellow MCITers better, and have fun! An expert panel of judges including MCIT alum will evaluate completed submissions on Sunday evening and award prizes to the winners.

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Creativity Winner

Cash prize and swag from MCIT.

Complexity Winner


This hackathon is open to any currently enrolled in-person first-year MCIT student. 



  • Submissions must be posted on GitHub in order to be considered.
  • Submissions should expand on a topic that was learned in the first 3 courses: CIT591, CIT592, CIT593
  • Submissions must include comments


Arvind Bhusnurmath

Arvind Bhusnurmath
Director of MCIT Program

Eva Herzog

Eva Herzog
Comcast, MCIT '18

Ryan Weicker

Ryan Weicker

Yuduo "YD" Zhao

Yuduo "YD" Zhao
Oracle, MCIT '19

Judging Criteria

  • Complexity
    Points awarded for the complexity of the problem and solution chosen.
  • Creativity
    Points awarded for fun, interesting, or creative projects.
  • Style
    How "pretty" is your code? Did you use any cool tricks?